Other_________            Whatever your heart desires to contribute, you will be appropriately acknowledged and sent a heartfelt Thank You.  

o  Be a Patron to the Movement and/or the Film Studio your participation will help fund:  $250, $500, $1K--and get co-producer status to filmconsideration.  We have a NP for tax write-offs.

$100        Your Name or Company listed in the on-screen Film Credits; Plus:  A Digital download of the Film and a download of the Sound Track along with a physical copy (DVD or Blu-ray mailed to you of both the Film and the Album. A great combination to have and to share.       

$70    Digital download of the Film and a digital download of the Album along with a physical copy (DVD or Blu-ray) mailed to you of both the Film and the Album.  A great combination to have and to share. 


‚ÄčProfanity affects your image, your reputation, your community's health. Please step up to the plate and Participate--by contributing to the completion of the "The Good Life Story."   It is almost 65% finished.  You will enjoy the film-- (1) great, Las Vegas quality performances; (2) information to reduce the cursing in our communities; and, (3) meet industry people and thinking, young adults.


Please know that any amount over our goal of $42,100 will go to funding our low-budget film studio (see Contact page).  It's time to make our own films--telling our own stories!

Estimated delivery: 7-31-17;  S/H included.

$20     Digital download copy of the Film and a Digital download of the sound track. The sound track will have 14 cuts, 12 of which are not in the Film.  An Outstanding Album to match a Great Film along with our sincerest Thanks.

Participate to educate

$10     Digital download copy of the Film along with a sincere "Thank you" emailed from us. 

$45     Digital download of the Film and the sound track along with a physical copy mailed to you of the Film only.  Many, many Thanks.

Good Speech (your language) creates higher vibrational levels in your body, your artistic creations, your environment.

The Good Life Story