Participate to educate

The Good Life Story

These ideas will be talked about in the 120-min film:

  • The effects on a baby in utero from profanity, fear and/or stress on the mother received through the placenta (Dr. Bruce Lipton, Epigenetics)

  • Scientific proof that words affect the body at the cellular level (Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water)

  • Words and subconscious programming of one's belief system (Dr. Mario Martinez)

  • Healing through words, music and love. One cannot justify "getting paid" with destroying one's culture or trying to "look cool." ( Dr. Boyce Watkins with Dr. Monikah Ogando)

  • "Words create" is ancient knowledge; and, the importance of knowing who you are and about your culture.  ((Dr. Samuel Shacks (RIP))

Much of these topics will be animated and weaved within Hip Hop scenes; therefore, not boring at all.

The in utero picture on this page is to emphasize the care and concern we must take when speaking profane words around pregnant women!!

The Good Life experience was about Creativity, Better Lyrics and Storytelling as a result of having to be conscious of one's speech.  Click onto the video to see/hear one example.  Then go to "Participate."

we must financially back real (no-profanity, conscious) hip hoP.     

Good Speech (your language) creates higher vibrational levels in your body, your artistic creations, your environment.