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The Good Life Story

This is:   ​​​​​An anti-profanity film showcasing and using-- as the teacher-- groundbreaking and legendary NO-PROFANITY hip-hop that was performed on a weekly basis at The Good Life Health Center in L.A., CA (owned by Omar and Ifa Sade) for 7.5 yrs  in  the  1990's.


Twenty (20) minutes will be weaved among the hip hop performances, documenting the effects of words on the body and how words affect one's own health and of those who hear those words.

Much of the information will be animated, so it won't be "preachy."  No culture approves of disrespect-- cursing around children, elders and women. Intimidation, aggression, fear and violence are intensified when profanity is present. You are needed to Participate by Educating --using Hip Hop as the hook to spread the Truth. Be sure to Click onto "Participate" and Donate. 

Words can heal. Words can destroy. Words are pure energy that have a force that affects all within earshot --and even the atmosphere! Profanity affects your image, your reputation, your community's health.

Step up to the plate and Participate--by contributing to the completion of the "The Good Life Story" film (aka: and Sound Track.  Thanking you in advance!

you are the image of what comes out of your mouth.

These two crystals become deformed when profanity and/or hateful words are spoken to them. Scientific proof provided in the film.                            
From Dec. 1989 to Sep. 1997, an open mic, no-profanity hip hop scene reigned supreme in the world of alternative rap music.  Legends such as Jurassic 5, Volume 10, Medusa and Coco (SIN), Ahmad, Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex, Skee-lo and about 50 other rappers /musicians were signed and/or had their careers explode worldwide because of their  artistry at The Good Life.  (Search: B Hall The Good Life open mic)

Many of them are still going strong today, either by expanding into film (e.g., Ava Duvernay, F. Gary Gray, Greg Everett), touring, promoting, and more. This film documents the unbelievable skills, showmanship and beauty that conscious Hip Hop produces --just by watching one's speech!

Started by R. Kain Blaze and his UCLA classmates with B W Hall as the sponsor, The Good Life (TGL) Open Mic changed the industry. Many famous rappers stopped by, listened in and often copied the styles they heard.  It's all good.

You will hear jazzy, reggae, Christian, funny, free style, no-profanity Hip Hop and realize that quality (one's speech) rules--no matter what the genre!


Good Speech (your language) creates higher vibrational levels in your body, your artistic creations, your environment.